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About Vinologo:

Let’s start with something really really important. We love wine. We love to drink wine, but also love to give wine!
If we give a bottle to someone we never do that without thinking. We always carefully consider why we choose to give that specific bottle to that person or company.

Now we know that not everybody has the same passion for wine. But what we do know is that everybody who pays a good summ of money for a nice bottle of wine wants the recipient to know from whom that bottle came.

That was the starting point of our search for the perfect wine accessores, or wine design as we like to call it.

We noticed two extremes when giving away wine. Either there is not a message or reference to the giver at all. Or they have a custom label printed on the bottle.
To not leave a reference in our opinon is always a missed opportunity. To add a custom label that is a whole different story.

If you give away a bottle generally speaking that is quality wine, made by a professional. In our opinion you should respect the work of a professional and not stick your own label on his product.
For us it is essential that we can add a reference of the giver to the bottle without detracting from the crafmanship of the wine grower.

That is why we come up with products that are complementary to the bottle of wine that is given with. At the same time our products have to be visually attractive, have an own characteristic and bring something unique. Something that is not available in the market.

To accomplish this we work with well established industrial product designers. Their mission is to design our products to be personalised.
This has resulted in unique products that stand out in the market on originality usability and quality. Products that we are proud to promote.