Artwork requirements

Our guidelines for the best print result

Vector Artwork
If possible provide the artwork in a vector format. The advantage of a vector file is that it can be resized without loss of quality.

Bitmap Artwork
In some cases however it is not possible to supply a vector file. For example with photo-realistic print. In this case you can provide a Bitmap artwork. Please make sure the resolution is at least 300DPI on actual size. The actual sizes of all our products can be found in the product specifications on the respective product pages.

PMS colors

The precise approach of the right color depends on lots of factors. Such as the type of ink, the printer, the medium on which is printed but also the weather. While we do our utmost to control all circumstances this never works 100%.

To achieve the best possible approximation of the colors in a logo we ask you to supply the artwork in PMS. This stands for Pantone Matching System. In this way we have an objective way to check the accuracy of the colors.

technical information:

Logo’s and text have to stay clear at least 2mm of the edge. Due to the effect of the doming text within 2mm of the edge can be difficult to read.

Ofcourse artwork with coloured backgrounds can go to the edge. In this case they need to have a 2mm overlap.

All texts must be converted to outlines, so fonts do not need to be included. If a text is not converted to outlines, the font needs to be attached.

Exceptions are orders with an individual print. Here names or numbers need to be provided in a spreadsheet. Here the font should always be included.

To ensure the best readability of lines and text we advise a minimum distance of 0.2mm between open and closed lines. Also letter openings should have a 0.2mm minimal margin.