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Champagne Stopper

    • Fits on all Champagne / Sekts / Cava / Prosecco bottles!
    • Available in 12  color combinations
    • Optimal logo surface
    • Can be sold for each festive occasion

Champagne is a perfect companion for each celebration. And because a giveway needs to have that extra personal touch we can adjust each stopper to match with any company logo. With housing colours in chrome and black combined with 6 ring colours a match is guaranteed. Still prefer to have a ring in your own colour? We can provide a ring in your PMS colour from 500 pcs.

We were able to use the high quality food grade silicone in such a way that it is now possible to use this champagne stopper on closed bottles. And ofcourse it seals of the opened bottle and create a vacuum. This way the flavors of the champagne can be preserved.

We mention champagne but does it fit on other sparkling wines? Yes, the cap is designed to fit on all sparkling wines such as sekt, champagne, cava, prosecco and so on.

Champagne Stopper


Weight: 33gr.
Heigth: 45 mm
Width: 39mm

Logo surface diameter: 30.5mm

Available colors:

Housing: Black or Chrome

Ring: Black, Silver, Gold, Red, Blue, Orange

Patented design by Vinologo

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