3D Doming Personalisation

What is a doming?
in the first step your logo or message will be printed on a self adhesive vinyl layer. We always use a high quality UV resistant vinyl print media. On this background we can apply a high resolution full colour print. Even photo realistic print is possible.
After the print is dry we carefully apply a layer of Epoxy Resin. This protects the print and gives a luxurious 3D effect.

Ultimate protection for your print
To protect the print we use a special Polyurethane Resin. This resin is dropped on the printed logo and due to surface-tension stops on the edge of the printed area. It takes the resin approximately 24 hours to cure.
One aspect of our 3d doming stickers is the self healing capacity of the resin. This makes the surface scratchproof. And because the doming material is UV resistant your logo is protected against fading and discoloring.

Why have we chosen to personlise our Wine Design with domings?
Compared to screen printing or tampon printing, doming labels are much more durable and the print does not show any wear.
Because of the protective epoxy layer the doming has a great luxurious 3D appearance. The doming is weather and uv-proof. Therefore coming in direct contact with wine during use or with water during cleaning is no problem. Because we print digitally it is possible to create domings with individual names.
No other printing method provides all these unique qualities and that is why we chose to work with domings.

  • Your logo is protected!
  • Luxurious 3D Appearance
  • Guaranteed Scratchproof