Wine Design Dripring

    • Available in 5 modern colors
    • Fits also on closed bottles!
    • Sophisticated drip reservoir
    • Optimal logo surface

We are proud to present our version of the dripring. We have taken all elements that are important for a well functioning drip collar for promotional purposes. Out of that we have forged this great design. Our design is made to be used with both an open and a closed bottle!

Another important aspect is the optimized logo surface on the front of the ring. This way there is optimal awareness for the branding. Further we have been able to replace the often used felt with a sophisticated drip reservoir. The result is the first truely hygienic drip ring solution.

With the flexibility of the food grade silicone we are able to fit the drop ring over all wine bottles. For extra grip and solidity we have added a layer of stainless steel.

Wine Design Dripring


Weight: 13gr.
Diameter: 29,5mm
Heigth: 18mm

Logo surface: 15mm x 35mm

Available colors:

Black, Grey, White, Red, Blue

Fits on all open and closed wine bottles. Combines with Wine Design Wine Stopper on almost all bottles.

Patented design by Vinologo


Choose your Color

Choose your Color

Black, Grey, White, Red or Blue. Choose the color that fits your logo best.

Beautiful presentation on closed wine bottles

Vinologo icon - landscape  Designed to be personalised

Vinologo icon - landscape  Large logo surface for your brand

Vinologo icon - landscape  Unique drip reservoir allows a hygienic solution