Wine Stopper

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Wine Stopper

    • Fits also on closed bottles!
    • Available in 5 modern colors
    • Optimal logo surface
    • Reinforced with stainless steel

It was our mission to create a version of the wine stopper that was optimized for promotional purpose. But we did not stop there, it also had to have a slick modern design.
The end result is a wine bottle stopper which design is an abstract form of a wooden oak barrel. The top of the bottle stop is completely available for branding.

We were able to use the high quality food grade silicone in such a way that it is now possible to use this wine stopper on closed bottles. And ofcourse it seals of the opened bottle and create a vacuum. This way the flavors of the wine can be preserved.

To finish it off we have used stainless steel reinforcement to give extra solidity to the wine stopper.

Wine Stopper


Weight: 30gr.
Heigth: 48.4mm
Width: 38mm

Logo surface diameter: 30.5mm
Adds approximately 19mm of height to a closed bottle.

Available colors:

Black, Grey, White, Red, Blue

Fits on all open and closed wine bottles. Combines with Wine Design Dripring on almost all bottles.

Patented design by Vinologo


Choose your color

Choose your color

Black, Grey, White, Red or Blue. Choose the color that fits your logo best.